Thursday, February 02, 2006

20,000 and Counting Still Waiting for Russert's Explanation

On January 23, we posted the following:
Tim Russert,

This Sunday, you asked Senator Barack Obama to respond to Harry Belafonte's remarks about George W. Bush being a "terrorist." Why?

Why did you ask this question?

Harry Belafonte isn't an elected official, he doesn't speak for Democrats, he doesn't represent Senator Obama, he doesn't represent the Democratic Party, and he is entitled to his own opinion...
A week later, we posted this follow-up:
Why didn't you ask Bill Frist about Ann Coulter calling for the assassination of Justice John Paul Stevens?
So the question remains open and 20,000 visitors (and counting) to this blog are waiting for Russert's answer.

Don't hold your breath...


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